Every step you take is cutting through the wall though you cannot see it.
God released you to the world because it is your time. The stage is now set for you to showcase what you were created for.
What about the visions, the dreams, the rhema and the words for the year you received? Have they come to pass?
A lot of people will stick around when all is well with you but true friends are known when you face the heat of life.
The goal is to get to that place where the things of this world have no power over us
Just like the justify option on your writing software; God wants to remove every iota of unevenness from every side of your life. He wants to straighten…
Sometimes God will test your patience by delaying to show up in your devotion. It is your willingness to wait that will give you the entrance into His…
It is from the place of thanksgiving, worship or praises that you begin to access everything God has for you for the day.
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